Pirate & Mermaid Party Ideas

I have been making posts about trending kid’s birthday party themes and I could not ignore the Pirate party theme. I made a selection of some Kids Pirate Party Ideas & Decor your kids will love. I will recommend adding some creative DIY projects and some printables to complete this fun theme party.

Pirate and Mermaid Printable Backdrop

Pirate Party Theme is a great time for toddlers and little kids. Above all, The kids will love the party and for sure they will get in the mood of being a pirate. Any party starts with an invitation and finishes with some party favors and a promise to meet and play again. I create a great selection of pirate ideas for you to get inspired to throw your own pirate party. Keep reading for some Kids Pirate Party Ideas: Dress up and make so many pirate-related decor, crafts, and activities.



Go with Video Invitations for your next toddler birthday party. The digital world is changing the world so fast and we have to adjust. The new tendency is to help the environment and stay connected via social media and more digital platforms. Partymazing is all about digitals and creative solutions to get your celebrations to the next level, Today I want to present to you the new way to invite your guests to your little kid’s birthday party. Send this creative invite to your guests and get that wow factor from the animation and the music. You do not need to print, buy envelopes, stamps, and go to the post office. Stay home and do everything from your computer or your phone. It is that easy.

Pirate Video Invitation



If you want to order this Pirate Video Invitation for your toddler or little kid birthday just place the order and leave me all the details and I will personalize it for you. These are all the details you need to know about Partymazing’s Video Invitations:

Party Video Invitation promo

Video Invitation Details:

  • You will receive a real video.
  • You can download and save it and share it with your phone or tablet.
  • No need for a computer.
  • Share it with your guests, friends, and family via social media, WhatsApp, Messenger, or email. I do not recommend sending via text message, some companies have a video size limit and it can reduce the quality of the video.
  • Save the file into your google drive or cloud and share the link to your guests.
Kids video invitation

How to Order

  1. Go to the Pirate Invite
  2. Place your order and leave me the information for your video invite.
  3. I will create a draft for you within the next 24 business hours after you place your order.
  4. You will receive a draft for your review
  5. After you approve you will get an email with instructions to download the video.
  6. Share it with your friends and family through WhatsApp, Messenger, iMessage, Email, and even upload it on your Facebook event.


Use a pirate backdrop to decorate your party in a new and creative way. These backdrops are very versatile, you can use it to decorate the cake table, take pictures, and create sweet memories for years to come.

You can have it printed at any local printer and it will be a hit with your guests. You can order yours here.

For more instructions about backdrops read this post. 5 Reasons to Print a Backdrop for your next Party and How to print

3. THE PIRATE CAKE – Kids Pirate Party Ideas

At Your pirate party, you can’t miss a cake, Pirates love cake. For your cake you can choose something simple or something well prepared, only you decide. Here I bring you some designs I found you on Pinterest that can help you inspire finding the cake of your dreams. 

Your cake could carry a treasure hunt map, a pirate ship, a skull, or the captain’s hat.

Pirate cake

4. PIRATE FOOD – Kids Pirate Party Ideas

In this selection of Kids Pirate Party Ideas, I can not forget the food. For pirate food, I recommend being very creative and adding a lot of colors. Chocolate cannonballs, a watermelon and fruit pirate ship and human fingers made of sausage. Let your imagination fly and if you want to find more ideas you can visit my Pinterest for more inspiration. 

5. Kids Pirate Party Ideas – PARTY FAVORS

Party favors are very important at a party. Favors are a small gesture and a gift to take home after the party. Kids will love picking up a pirate gift that reminds them of how much fun it was to play at the party with their friends. Make something fun and delicious to go. Here I have some ideas of what you can prepare for your little pirates and don’t forget to include a cute gift tag.

I hope you had as much fun as I did. Get inspired to create your unforgettable pirate party. Remember you can always find the best parties and the best ideas in Partymazing, 

More Kids Pirate Party Ideas & Decor your kids will love

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