25 Dino Drive-By Birthday Parade Ideas

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Time for a new idea for your drive by birthday parade for your kids. Here I bring you some Dino Drive-By Birthday Parade Ideas. Keep the fun and keep them safe during these weird times. Let the Dino Roar in the street and your guest yell and wave to the birthday boy.  25 Dinosaur ideas for your Dino Birthday party in the birthday parade style. Tell your guest thank you for driving by and give the birthday boy a great time. 

Time for a new idea for your drive by birthday parade for your kids. Here I bring you some Dino Drive-By Birthday Parade Ideas cover

Get into the Dino Drive-By Birthday Parade, do not get extinct!

Special dates are to celebrate them, to receive congratulations from friends, to see happy faces. However, right now we can’t get together like before, but the fun shouldn’t stop.

Even the dinosaurs have gathered as a family for a fun celebration, we cannot be left behind. We can express all the joy of a celebration, see the people we love and share a special moment, here I explain how to do it.

Steps to trow a Drive-By Party:

Get ready to celebrate your birthday in a different way this year, nothing will stop this Dinosaur birthday

1. Schedule the Parade

Choose the day and time that you will celebrate with your loved ones. You will need to pick a convenient time for you and for your gest.

2. Send a Dino-invite to your guests!

A great way to invite your guests and to save money send them as an e-vite by emailing or texting your guests or by printing the files yourself. Send this beautiful dinosaur invitation to your guest indicating the time when they should come to greet you, you can print or just send using a Message, WhatsApp, or Email.

3. Decor your house for a lot of fun

Get ready to see a parade of people who love you very much pass by. Get some green and orange dino decorations in your house to get the mood for the parade. Join the celebration of our dinosaurs, do not miss this special date, take the opportunity to see your loved ones while they can take a break from their stay indoors, this party is the best time for them to go up to their cars and come to give you a wonderful surprise from a safe distance.

4. Get Ready for the Parade!

The guests will pass in front of your house in their cars, while they greet the birthday boy with shouts and congratulations. You can greet them from a distance and safely.

Dino Drive-by Birthday Parade Collection

Remember, our dinosaurs give you the perfect example to celebrate safely, order the Dino invitation, and enjoy a special date for sure while living a wonderful moment with your loved ones. And you, are you going to celebrate with our dinosaurs, or are you going to become extinct?

25 Dino Drive-By Birthday Parade Ideas

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