Star Wars Twins Birthday Party

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I’ve always really enjoyed helping people bring their ideas to life. Maybe that’s my superpower. I love playing to create something real and tangible from something abstract. I am a super fan of Star Wars and this party is really a beauty. Paula always creates incredible parties for her twins and this year she gave me the opportunity again to help her materialize this party for her kids.

Paula is a wonderful candy designer and she loves to combine her baking magic with my cute designs. I have had the pleasure of participating in the creation of your parties twice. I have created cute printables for the event as well as the main backdrop. It has been amazing to help her in this process. And this time she wanted to create a party inspired by the idea of Dart Vader’s Twins Birthday Party.


The inspiration for the party comes from the book “Darth Vader and Darth Vader’s son/princess who wants Vader to take care of his twins. Paula wanted to create something cute and used the book as inspiration.

The dessert that has Vader reading droid tales to the twins was inspired by one of the pages in these books. The rug was a replica of the rug in Paula’s twin’s bedroom.


You can visit Paula’s Instagram here for more about her Candy Designs.

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