12 Panda Birthday Party ideas

Time for a new theme to inspire your next birthday party with your kids. Here I have some amazing Panda Birthday Party ideas you will love. I love this theme because it is easy and fun to re-create for you at home!

Party like a Panda. While many birthdays are host in the driveway using the Drive-by Birthday party Concept, many families are going back to the traditional summer parties at home. I know parties are not going to be the same but in some places, life is getting back to normal. It is time for a birthday theme I love as Baby Shower Theme and also for Birthday Party Theme. It is modern, is simple and is cute! My perfect party theme. I made a collection of my favorite Panda Birthday Party ideas for you.

1. Printable Party Set


Use Printables for your last-minute Party Decor!

Printable Pink Panda Set
Printable Quick Panda Party Decor
Printable Quick Panda Party Decor

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