Transportation Birthday Party Ideas

Run Run! A plane, a car, and a train are coming soon! A little Boy birthday is soon and a Transportation party is in its way. I love that age where the toddler boys only want to play with their cars and planes. It is just an awesome time for them. They discover the colors and geometrical shapes through their toys. 

Transportation Backdrop by Partymazing

I believe all the boys should celebrate at least one birthday with Transportation as the theme because it is the golden theme. It is a classic and it is time to get some ideas for your next celebration. I know you are busy and you need some quick ideas to use for the celebration. Do not worry I am here to help. Here you have my top #15 ideas for your Transportation, plane or Sailboat party. You can choose from here and start planning the perfect party. What about a huge printable backdrop for the party and you can later hang in the birthday boy’s room?

Printable Sailboat Party Favor Box

You will get ideas from apple and grapes Car transportation snacks to cakes, cookies, cake pops and more. Which one is your favorite?

Top #15 Transportation Party, food and Craft Ideas

  • Printable Sailboat Party Favor Box

Thank you so much for reading my blog. It meant the world to me. This is an independent blog. I do this blog because I love to share. I only share what I love and what I believe. Check my Instagram for more party ideas.

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