33 Easter Party Decor Ideas and Crafts

DIY Easter Party Ideas

Spring is approaching and with it comes to a very special date, it’s time to hide the eggs in the garden, invite the children, and celebrate a wonderful date in the company of friends people close to our hearts. Are you preparing an Egg Hunting this year?

Chocolate cheers the heart, fills us with satisfaction and its sweetness reminds us of good times; spring reminds us of the arrival of good times and that winter with its hardest days has been left behind.

Happy children running with their baskets in the garden in search of the most delicious treasure, everything sounds fantastic, right? So it is time for some party planning.

33 Easter Party Decor Ideas and Crafts for your Egg Hunting Party - Get ready for this happy celebration with the kids.

This wonderful party involves inviting special people with whom you want to share this date, decorating your home, maybe even preparing a hearty table and marking objects that you know will be fundamental to the success of your event (water bottles, cupcakes, bags with sweets). This may sound like an exaggerated job, but if you focus on doing it in a practical way, you use printable material and you put your personal touch of love to every detail, the experience will be more rewarding and economical than a visit to a decoration store.

Easter is about the celebration of good news, a date to laugh and be happy, to be thankful for the wonderful moments that come. What if you start celebrating the preparations? What if we involve all the members of the family? What if we make this date a special moment that unites us more?

33 Easter Party Decor Ideas and Crafts for your Egg Hunting Party



  1. Download the files from the Freebie Party Vault
  2. Print many copies for the kids
  3. Add color
  4. Share pics via Pinterest using #partymazing

I had so much fun creating this collection of DIY ideas for your little one’s Easter party. If you like it share or pin the images to your Pinterest Easter board. I also invite you to visit the special section of printable crafts available in my store.

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