Peter Pan Party – NEVER GROW UP Party by sugarpartiesla

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Who has ever wished to fly or live on a secret island? Let the imagination fly fast and take us to times when magic took over our nights … Let’s remember those days when we expected everything to be possible. Let Sugarpartiesla take us to a wonderful and magical island full of little creatures and adventures.

This party of Peter Pan she called: NEVER GROW UP Party. This Magical party is full of beautiful details full of magic and love. Susan is the creator of Sweetpartiesla, the amazing brand behind this of events magical event created at Southern California.

My friend Susan allowed me to publish her wonderful party on my page. It is an honor to share this amazing Peter Pan party with you guys.

I have a little secret to share with you. When I was just a little girl I used to say that I never wanted to grow up. I used to say that because being an adult seemed very boring.

Today, as an adult I appreciate the magic that stayed inside me. I believe there is a secret corner where I can take refuge when reality hits me.


This party made me dream of magical worlds and islands with secret and hidden treasures where only fun lives.

Susan specializes in original parties that her clients cannot replicate just by going to a store. Every detail in each party is made especially for the party and that makes it really special and different.


Susan, Thank you for sharing this wonderful party with us. It was an honor to have this party at partymazing to inspire us for our next event. Thank you for being here visiting Partymazing, for more inspiration you can visit Sugarpartiesla wonderful Instagram Page.

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