Drive-By Birthday Parade Party Ideas

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Everything is different now and the people have created a new tradition for birthdays during the quarantine. I know that safety is the most important thing right now, but we can not leave off small milestones in life. Since we can’t be together in person now to celebrate important dates, new ideas have become the new normal.

The world started celebrating in a different way and they created the Drive-by Parade. Before all this happened, It would have been very weird to arrive at someone else’s birthday honking in my decorated car, but at this moment it seems normal. and it’s a great idea to celebrate a birthday from a distance.

Birthday parades are now common in every neighborhood. This celebration can be a lot of fun because you have to decorate the family car and be creative.

Here some ideas for your Drive-by Birthday Parade Party

1. Invite your Friends

You can send an Electronic invitation to your friends and let them know the date and the basic information for your Birthday Parade. Do not forget to include the time so they arrive on time for the fun!


2. Create a Thank you for Driving by Station

Drive By Birthday Parade Thank You Tags


25 Dino Drive-By Birthday Parade Ideas

3. Decor your Car

Add some balloons and a bunting banner to your car in case you want to join the parade or just to decorate your house. Let your friends know you are having a Drive-By Parade.

4. Decor Your door and Outside

5. Draw something on the floor – Sidewalk Chalk Art

Use some Printables for your party favors and Decor!

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