How to Print Backdrops or Banners for your Party

Are you wondering how to print digital backdrops or banners for your party? I get that question very often. Usually, my clients want to print my backdrops at the best quality and the best price.

Looking for an easy, fast, unique, and convenient way to decor your party? I suggest you consider a Vinyl Backdrop. Here I will give you 5 Reasons to use a Backdrop in your next event, how to choose the size for your backdrop and how to print it.

It might not be the cheapest way to decor but It is unique, it is big and it creates a wonderful option to add a wow factor to your party and for your party pictures.

Vinyl Backdrops are a very easy and fast way to personalize and decorate your parties. You can get the Backdrop design in my shop and send it to any of these printers later.

In this post, I will include 5 Reasons to Use a Backdrop in your next party also I created a guide about some online services where you can print your next backdrop.

5 Reasons to use a Backdrop in your next party

1. Unique look vs box store look for your party:

Do not settle for the cheap look designs from the party shop or the store. You can create a more unique look by requesting a custom backdrop: you can commission your backdrop for your next event, just contacting me.

It is not the same to have a Designer to create your party decor that buying what somebody else is buying in the store.

2. Great backing for your table.

Do not leave just an empty wall for the party. Create a wow effect so your guest can have a cool time during the party. You can use the backdrop to take wonderful pictures and to hide or create a wonderful ambiance for the party. Nothing like a matching backdrop for your party.

3. Quick, easy and fast to use – Just Hang it!

Are you planning a party and you do not have time for decor? Do not worry, this option is great for any party. Just hang it and you are ready to go. You can just add some balloons around and it is done!

I love my banners but let’s be real, they take some time to create. It is not the same to unroll and hang that printing, cutting and assembling a banner. This is just a quick solution if you do not have the time to create the decor yourself or you feel uncomfortable crafting the banner.

4. Create a fancy – Pinterest worth pictures of the party.

I know you love Pinterest and you dream of having a party like those you see on the party ideas board. Do not worry, you can do something like that for your party. Your kids are unique and they deserve the best for their celebration. My creative process is very unique and thoughtful. You can see here the whole process I used to create my mermaid and pirates backdrop I hand-drawn all my pieces and then I digitalize the image to make the magic. It is a very crafty process.

Printable Mermaid and Pirate Backdrop

5. Use the Backdrop for your Kid’s room after the party

If your kid loves cars and trains, for example, you can re-use this backdrop on your kid’s room and have it in there for a while. I am sure he will love to have that piece of colorful art in her room. This is another reason I love backdrops because it can be used in many ways for the same money.

Personalized Transportation Birthday Backdrop Printable Large Scale Sign for your Traffic Airplane Party | E042

Pick the right backdrop size

I have several standard sizes for my backdrops. Whether you pick one of my backdrop designs or you choose to request a custom design, make sure to find a vendor who provides the printing for the size you need or contact me to make adjustments to the design.


This is an estimated price. I did the search in January 2020. Visit the sites to confirm the current price. Prices do not include shipping or extra features for the banner. This is just my search and my own analysis. I do not have any business relationship with neither of these websites.

How to Print Backdrops or Banners for your Party

I am not endorsing or promoting any of the following online services. I am just trying to help you find a good option for printing your backdrop. This is just my opinion and the places where my clients usually print my backdrops. The order of the following list is not related to quality. Here you have 5 online services you can use to print my backdrops. I haven’t used them personally but my clients have recommended them. If you feel uncomfortable ordering from an online shop I recommend to use a local printer.


My client highly recommended in her feedback. They offer to order today and shipping tomorrow, which sounds really good. Free shipping in all orders over $75


Another client recommended This business offers a huge variety of sizes and also custom sizing that seems really convenient for me as a designer and for you as a client so you can measure the back wall and request a special size.

C. VistaPrint

I have used Vistaprint for business cards and for car magnets and quality is good. I have not tested the Vynil banners however seems a competitive option for you, just in case you prefer this business.

D. Costco Business Printing

This is another option for your banner. Some of the sizes are available for poster printing and some for the Vinyl banner option. Costco is another option for your printing.

Some of my favorite Backdrops available

If you have any other questions about the backdrop designs, do not hesitate to contact me. I am here to help you!

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