How to Prepare Your Nursery Room For Your New Arrival

Becoming a parent can feel like a huge, daunting leap into the unknown. Whether it’s your first time becoming a parent, or your second or third, it’s a major life milestone for all. During pregnancy, your outlook on life shifts completely, and it becomes a time for preparation as your life is about to undertake significant changes. Part of the preparation process is ensuring that once your newborn arrives, it can settle into home life (and the world) with ease and happiness. A vital part of this is preparing the nursery, as around the age of 6 months to 1 year your baby will make the transition from sleeping in the master bedroom to their own nursery- which will begin to promote healthy sleep patterns and prevent separation anxiety.

Setting up and preparing for a baby is stressful enough- without thinking about the finer details. Amongst the chaotic sleep patterns, an overwhelming cocktail of emotions, and the small fact that there is a tiny human in the home, the process of designing a nursery can seem like a lengthy task. Here at We Buy Any Home, we have comprised our top tips and niche products to help you design a prepare a nursery for your new arrival- to make it an enjoyable and simple process for you.

Tips to prepare your Nursery for the new arrival

1. Make a Plan:

A little planning goes a long way. The process of preparing for a child can muster feelings of anxiety and stress- especially if there are some financial uncertainties. To ease some of this stress, creating a plan will make things easier. Developing a monthly budget, paying off debts, and setting aside expenses will enable you to see how much leverage you have financially- and will help you to make decisions such as whether money is spent on essentials or luxuries for decorating, etc.

2. Choosing The Room:

Choosing a room to settle your new arrival is a crucial choice. Your baby’s nursery needs to be in a quiet area that is stripped of overbearing lighting and distracting noises such as passing traffic. As your baby will spend most of its time on its back looking up, you should ensure that there are no bright overhead lights. Make a small plan as to what you want in the room furniture-wise and think about how you can arrange them logically to use for your benefit.

3. Maintenance: 

Before you begin to decorate and paint the room, make sure it’s a space that functions for its needs. Then, clear the room out. Remove any items from the room so you can have a fresh start and see the room in its barest form. It’s also vital that you spend time thoroughly cleaning all surfaces in the room, including walls and the floor. Babies are extremely susceptible to germs that arise through dust, mold, and pet hair. However, it’s important to remember that when cleaning your nursery room, do not use harsh chemicals as these can affect your child’s breathing. Taking care of little things such as creaky door hinges and ensuring the fire alarm works are vital maintenance tips.

4. Painting the Room:

Choosing the color of your nursery is a big decision in terms of decorating the room. Once you’ve chosen the theme or color, be sure to buy a non-toxic paint that won’t flake. This is a necessity as you don’t want your child to ingest any toxic chemicals.

5. Furnishing:

The first rule of furnishing a nursery (or any room) is to do it inside the room- to avoid the stress of trying to get items through the door. An additional piece of advice is to put the crib together according to instructions. Although they can be difficult to get to grips with, it’s important to follow the rules as they’re designed specifically. If you don’t feel comfortable with your construction skills, hire a professional team.

6. Time is of the Essence:

An obvious but equally important tip is to prepare your nursery well in advance. You may not have the finer details finished, but the bulk of the work should be done such as the crib, changing table, and painting or mural work. Between hospital visits, general pregnancy errands in addition to your everyday life, ensuring the nursery is set up will be one less thing to worry about.

7. Personalize your Nursery:

Every detail will define your style and that of your partner. Include personal objects such as photographs or decor that evoke the vibe you want to add to your nursery. You can include a family portrait or frames with motivational phrases or your baby’s name.


Aside from the essential products that are required in a nursery, We Buy Any Home has gathered our top 5 coolest nursery gadgets.

#1- White Noise Machine:

Although babies prefer quiet, research shows that some noise is beneficial, as it turns out it’s quite loud in your uterus. If you’re having problems with getting your baby off to sleep, or they wake up frequently during the night, then this gadget is great. This basic sound machine plays white noise at two volumes and will provide them with comfort and ease when falling asleep.

#2 Soft Night Light:

This gadget is beneficial for both parents and babies. As you probably don’t want to plunge your newborn into darkness in their nursery, this soft night light is the perfect addition. It can be set to glow in a range of different colors and intensities and doubles as a machine that plays lullabies and soothing nature sounds. The light also works for parents doing the night feed, as it’s a gentle glow that will help you navigate around the room without the pain of turning on the main light.

#3- Dresser-Top Keekaroo Changing Pad:

Every parent is probably aware that in the early days, your baby will be prone to accidents including while you’re changing them. Having a changing pad that is easy to clean is essential, and that’s why the Keekaroo changing pad is perfect. It’s water-resistant and made of silicone, so can be easily cleaned and won’t slide around when you put it on a surface.

#4- A Wipe Warmer:

A small but mighty gadget is the wipe warmer. Perhaps not a necessity but definitely a game-changer, this device heats up wipes, so you don’t have to use an alarmingly cold wipe while wiping your child. It will make things more comfortable and is also an energy-efficient product, and as it warms from the top you don’t need to worry about burnt wipes.

#5- Hands-Free Diaper Pail:

Having a huge waste bin in the corner of the room can ruin the relaxing and clean atmosphere of a nursery. But the dilemma is that you may not have a place to get rid of dirty nappies, especially during the 3 am diaper changes. This hands-free diaper pail holds up to 45 nappies at a time and can easily be hidden to avoid an eyesore. Even better, it’s odor-blocking which means you won’t have to deal with any horrid smells.

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