+10 Halloween Little Monsters Party Crafts for your Kids

Halloween is my favorite! I love the emotion for the costumes, the magic of the night, the laughter of the children, the pumpkin decorations and all the little monsters running around.

You also know the kids are crazy about the sweets, hours and hours of enjoying the most delicious sweets, but once Halloween is over, it is very difficult for people to remember who gave them each of the sweets in their bag.

Halloween Tricks To Pack Your Kid’s Halloween Candy Bags

Today I want to share some Halloween ideas that will make the sweets you share on this special date a true memory:

· A trick to make your candies special on this date is to make small packages and mark them with printable labels, which you can personalize with funny phrases or with funny and spooky designs.

· You can also give funny names to candies or create dark packaging for them by gathering them in transparent bags.

· If you know who comes to ask for sweets you can create packages with their names or simply choose a theme for children (like vampires) and one for girls (witch girls) and thus differentiate them.

How to Craft Halloween Paper Bags for your Kids

Make sure the candy bags are for the right person! Don’t mess up your #Halloween party favors! I just wrote the kid’s names under the paper bag so we can avoid mixing up the packages also to give it an extra personalization to your party gifts. ⁠

Just remember that labels are a tool that can help you bring your ideas to life, now prepare those monstrous candies!

Use markers + Bag Toppers to design your bags:

  1. Decor paper bags using Markers
  2. Personalized the Bag at the bottom
  3. Fill with candy
  4. Add a Printable Bag on top!

+10 Little Monster Halloween Paper Bag Crafts + Decor Ideas

4. Cardboard Tube Monsters Halloween Craft
6. Monsters cake
8. Box Monsters
10. Monster Cake

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