How to Make a Diaper Cake for a Baby shower

When you discover how to make a diaper cake yourself and see how easy it is, you will be addicted to making them and you will want all your friends to invite you to their baby shower to take your own creation. The diaper cakes are one of the most beautiful additions to any baby shower and are perfect for not only a beautiful gift but a great decoration very useful for the baby. So, are you ready? It’s time to learn how to make a DIY diaper cake in just a few steps!


If you are here on my blog reading about diaper cakes, you should know that they are cakes that can not be eaten, because they are made of diapers and other baby elements. They have the shape of a common cake but it is a creation intended as a gift for the baby during the baby shower. You can use as many cute baby things as you want to creatively decorate your design.


Since you now know that it is a diaper cake, you should know that the idea behind a baby shower is to celebrate the baby’s arrival and help the parents to have everything they need for the happy arrival. Among this is giving them many diapers, they will probably use many during the first year of the baby, and other accessories and gifts for baby care. That’s why you can add as many things as you want in your cake. You can add baby clothes, shampoo, body lotion, a bottle, etc. Or just use diapers, it is up to you.


Diapers are a must for parents and for a baby shower. To continue with the series of Blue Elephant Baby Shower, today I bring you a nice decoration for your next baby shower or as a perfect gift for the mom to be. It is normal to gift diapers in a baby shower, but you can make it extra special.
Do not gift a diaper package as you buy it in the supermarket, you can make a nice decoration for the party or send it to happy parents using a few simple elements to create something beautiful.

This cute cake is made of diapers and some printables to decorate a cute elephant baby shower. You can create one very easily for your next event and here I explain how to do it.


  • A pack of diapers
  • Elastic bands 
  • Paper tape or cord to tie
  • White cardstock size letter
  • Wooden sticks
  • Hot Glue
  • Paper Straws
  • Paper Decorations

1. Start by rolling each diaper from the outside inward creating a small roll and securing each diaper roll using an elastic band

2. To create the base of the cake made of diapers, use as a center a toilet paper tube and accommodate 6 diapers wrapped around. Secure the diapers with a ribbon or with an elastic band forming a circle.

3. Place 12 diapers around the previous 6 and secure them with a ribbon or with another elastic band this will be the main base of the cake.

4. Now it’s time to create a second level. Place one of the rolled diapers as a center and place 7 diapers around to create a circle. This will be your second level of the cake. To prevent the center from moving, you can place wooden sticks or straws to secure the two levels together.

It’s time to decorate the cake, using wooden sticks ribbon colored papers or any idea you have to decorate.

You can also replace the roll of toilet paper, using a bottle in the center of the cake as an extra gift for the baby.

A diaper cake is a very creative idea to give their first diapers to the mother of that beautiful baby who is coming. You can use the diaper cake for the baby shower, or it can be used to decorate the baby’s room.

In this case, I used pieces of the editable centerpiece of blue elephants that is in my store to decorate my cake. You can use pieces from any of my centerpieces to create your own design or any decor you have on hand.

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