DIY How to make a Space Rocket Cake Decoration

DIY How to make a Space Rocket Cake Decoration. If your son’s birthday is approaching and you haven’t plan anything yet here is a great solution for you. Today we are going to create a beautiful decoration for a space cake………. You can use this do-it-yourself project for your child’s birthday or a special celebration.

It is a very easy and very affordable project. The first thing you need to do is to download and print the decoration page. I will leave you the details on the video notes.


Steps to DIY a Space Rocket Cake Decoration

  1. Start by cutting out each of the shapes on the page, I recommend using small scissors for the small details. This is a very inexpensive and very easy way to decorate your cake. You can create something cool for your child’s birthday and you don’t need to be an expert in pastry. Get a basic cake in a store or you can bake your own. The decoration is very colorful and fun and you can do it yourself using your home printer.

2. Cut out each of the pieces on the page. You can cut using the reference line or you can cut inside the line to remove the line from the final pieces.

3. After you finish cutting the pieces, use liquid glue or hot glue to stick the cardstock pieces to the wooden Sticks.

4. Apply glue to each of the pieces.

5. Press the paper and let it dry for a moment. You need more you can use tape on the back of each piece to secure them. You can start placing the sticks on the cake starting from the main piece. This decoration could be a great last-minute option for you.

I did not have a real cake and I used my diaper cake. You can find the link for the tutorial on how to create a diaper cake here.

Si hablas español puedes ver el video aqui.

DIY Outer Space Party Decoration Package

You can find the whole DIY space party set here


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