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Last Minute Candy Halloween Tags

Ready for some Halloween last minute printable favor tags & Halloween decoration ideas? Halloween is one of my favorite holiday because it gives us the possibility to be someone else and to be whoever we want to be just for a night.

Halloween reminds us of the importance of keeping a kid inside of us and maintaining the illusion of becoming someone new every time we want to make a change in our lives. It does not matter if the dream is to be a superhero, a cowboy, a princess, a nurse or an astronaut. You can dress up and be whoever you want. We should have more Halloween nights per year, don´t you think?

Favor Tags: A great way & Economical and easy way to pack the Halloween candy. When decorating, you have to be creative and use everything we have on hand. Today I want to share some quick and easy ideas that will make the sweets you share on this special date are a true memory:

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