14 Amazing Valentines Day Crafts and Printable Ideas

Valentine’s Day is coming! This February romance and love will be in the air everywhere. There will be hearts and candy in every store,  but some people do not enjoy this date so much because of the pressure to show their love in a different, fun, special and especially romantic way.

To enjoy Valentine shows what your heart feels with the work of your hands, strive because what you give is closer to your feelings and a little further away from shopping malls, sometimes it is better to give a detail that involves time, work, effort. Handmade Gifts that implicitly demonstrate the time we spend thinking about the loved one.

You can surprise, excite, generate a smile, create mischief and complicity, in the end, we want our present to open a space in the heart of another person and allow us to stay there for a long time.

One of the best ways to achieve a good result is to learn from a sweet trick of the best teachers, the children. When you are important to a child, write a letter or draw a picture; Of course, I know what years ago you do not draw a picture to anyone, but you can use hundreds of designs already prepared to accompany your message and turn any detail into a sample of the sweetest feelings. You can use the FREE PRINTABLE COLORING PAGE for that.

At the end of Valentine’s Day is a special date that asks you for the best of your heart, not necessarily the best of your bank account, so, regardless of the budget, are you ready for this February 14?



  1. Download the files from the Freebie Party Vault
  2. Print many copies for the kids
  3. Add color
  4. Share pics via Instagram or Pinterest using #partymazing

+14 Amazing Valentine’s Day Printable Ideas

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