20 Beach Nautical Wedding Decor Ideas

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Ahoy! Time to call the crew to start planning a Nautical theme wedding to celebrate on the beach, the pool or in a cute boat. This theme is very cool and easy to create. If you live by the beach or close to the beach or just love this theme. Check the following ideas for your special day. There are many elements you can use from candles to seashells to decorate your wedding and to give the party that sea feeling.


I got inspired by Carol & Marcelo’s Custom Portrait. They live in Chiemsee, Germany a freshwater lake. They asked me to use a picture of the lake to get inspired to create the nautical background.

Inspiration to create Carol + Marcelo’s Hand-Drawn Custom Portrait

15 Beach Nautical Wedding Ideas

Picture; Knotsvilla Wedding Blog Knotsvilla
Picture by mulberryandelmdesign _Instagram – Nautical Wedding Invitations
Nautical Wedding Theme
Picture by popupweddingqueens_nautical Wedding
Picture by thenewportbride_ chair signs for the new couple
Picture by hillcitybride Nautical Wedding Cake
schrank.easydiycraft.club Nautical Weddding Lantern
Hand-Drawn Custom Wedding Portrait
Picture by CindysBathCreations Seashell Soap
Custom Wedding Day Couple Print
Photo: FantasyFabricDesigns at Etsy
Picture by Etsy shop justbeachyshop . wood Nautical Wedding Sign
Nautical Wedding cake by thecrumbfactory – Instagram
Picture by mingguanwanita_Nautical Wedding Table
Personalized Children’s Activity Booklet for your Wedding
Picture by Friartux Nautical Wedding California
Picture by simplykierste.com Mason Jar Lanterns.jpg
Picture by clemaroundthecorner.com Nautical Party Table
thefrugalhomemaker.com Nautical Wedding Table

Custom Hand-Drawn Portraits

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