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Cut, hide, and Play: Host your own Egg Hunt Party at home using printables.

Celebrate Easter this year in a different and fun way, sometimes we cannot leave the house with the children to play and have fun, sometimes we simply do not have the space to enjoy hide and seek games. But we should not stop the fun, the children want to play and we can find many ways to do it with them.

To help you build a fun Easter celebration this year, I created a printable egg hunt game for you. Just print, cut and hide!!!! It is that easy, fast and affordable. You can mix these eggs with some chocolate or toy eggs so the little ones can have their easter celebration in the house regardless of the weather or the space you have.

In addition, I included a sheet with eggs to color, so they can decorate their own eggs and be part of the family celebration.


  1. Download the file
  2. Print the colored eggs, you can print as many as you want.
  3. Cut out the eggs,
  4. Hide them and ask the children to start looking for them.


Another activity you can do with the kids is letting them color and decorate their own eggs. I included a blank egg sheet that allows you extra activity, print them out, ask the kids to color them, then cut them out and hide them, or you can ask them to hide them during the egg hunt game.

Nothing is going to stop your Easter celebration, enjoy it, play and laugh with your family. Build a celebration to always remember.

Happy Easter

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