How to Edit, Print and Assemble a full party set by Partymazing

Thank you so much for ordering from Partymazing. If you are visiting this page is because you bought a Full party set and you are ready to create the most amazing and easy party that you have ever created. Here you can find help to edit, print and assemble your party set. These are the instructions for a FULL PARTY SET.

How to Edit, Print and Assemble a full party set by Partymazing

How to edit the file

  • Download the file in your computer first, then open the file using Adobe Reader. Free here: Do not try to edit from the browser. It may not work from a Mobile or Tablet.
  • To edit the party set you need to open the file on your computer in a free program called Adobe reader. You have to make sure you do not open it in the browser if not from the program because otherwise you will not be able to edit once you have finished all the changes.
  • Replace the sample text.  Text will adjust to the space. Don’ use a too long text. Click out of the text to allow the text to adjust.
  • Review the file and don’t forget to save the changes in your file.
  • Once you are happy with the personalization that you did in the file, do not forget to save the changes.


How to print

  • Use white Cardstock to print this set.
    -Make sure on the printer settings to print the page as is, not scale or adjustment to the page. Check on the settings of the printer DO NOT scale or adjust the design to the page. Always print using Actual size.
  • Print only 1 page to make sure all it is ok first. Print on color and full resolution printing for better results.

How to Assemble The Items

1. Flag Banner

  • Cut all the flags.
  • To assemble the banner you need to cut out each one of the flags and organize them in the order in which the letters will be placed. I recommend that you organize the banner on the floor or on a table so you can be sure that all the pieces are complete.
  • You need to open a small hole in each side of the pennant to hang it.
  • Use a string or a thin ribbon to hang the letters in the order in which they will appear on the banner. If you are going to put long words, I recommend you use different rows.

2.Watter Bottle labels

To assemble the water bottle labels, you need to cut the pieces and measure them with the bottle. In the remaining tab apply glue or hot glue, this way it is adjusted in the width of the bottle and you do not need to glue it completely. Stick as many labels as bottles you are going to use.

3. Chocolate Bar Wrappers

For the chocolate Labels, cut as many as you can use. Wrap the labels around the chocolates without doing much pressure to the chocolate bar, so that you are not going to break the chocolate. Glue the label in the remaining tab.





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