Cute Turkey Thanksgiving Coloring Page

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FREE PRINTABLE Cute Turkey Thanksgiving Coloring Page

FREE PRINTABLE Cute Turkey Thanksgiving Coloring Page


We are preparing something delicious for thanksgiving!! We want a very colorful special date, full of magic and gratitude, Fill the table with color with this coloring page and leave the children occupied while the turkey is ready in the oven. It is a day when we all sit around the meal as a united family to thank for all the blessings we received during the year.

Don’t you love the magic of gratitude?

Gratitude is that deep feeling where we feel humble and thankful for everything we have in life.

I love Thanksgiving, the turkey in the oven, the family laughing and chatting in the kitchen waiting for the meal to be ready, kids playing around and the magic just happening in everyone’s hearts.  This year I am not going to be in United States for Thanksgiving but I am planning to make a meal and sit to be thankful and to be excited about the life I have.

I feel the magic and the transformation that is happening in my heart since I connected back to my feelings and creativity.

I feel so proud about all the lessons and what I feel having just the joy of life. Magic is happening everywhere, we just have to connect back to the heart.

Give Thanks With Grateful Heart.

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