How to Set Up Your Bullet Journal

Having a bullet journal is so fun and in my 2018 Bullet Journal I have all I need to have on hand. Since I discovered that having a planner was the answer to all my prayers of how to keep everything organized and up to date, I have not been able to stop creating different trackers and organizers that make my day run more smoothly and allows me to keep everything in one place. I am amazed at the power and help that a simple notebook with blank pages can mean. The bullet journals usually have pages designed with a grid of light grey dots, but I am a creative person and it is hard for me to limit my imagination to a grid so blank pages or sketchbooks are just what I need.

I love starting with just a blank page, then I design the page with a pencil using faint lines, then I apply black ink and in some cases markers or colored pencils. It is a therapeutic activity, it is a perfect hobby for someone like me who enjoys order and creativity at the same time.

1. Make a Cover: 2018 This is the year to follow the plan!

I chose for 2018 the symbol of the bulb as a representation of the new and fresh ideas that I want to develop this year, I would like 2018 to be the year to materialize the effort of the past years and to realize the big dreams that I dare to have every day.

2. The Index Page for your Bullet Journal

Among the Bullet journal community is almost a rule to separate one of the first pages for the Index, which is a page that summarizes the location of the other pages, this system allows you to easily locate any section of your journal.

3. The Key Page for your Bullet Journal

Each person has a particular way of organizing their personal notes and has specific keys that symbolize something within their organization system. The key page is to determine your own symbols that represent different activities.

I have symbols for my workout, for my appointments and pending activities. You can create yours and customize your journal as you want.

4. Goal Spread Page for your Bullet Journal

2018 is a year with big goals and dreams, it is the year to follow the plan. For me is vital to have a graphic representation of my dreams because it helps me to visualize what I have in mind. That’s the reason this is the first spread in my journal so I can see it every time I open my journal.

5. Birthday Page for your Bullet Journal

Let’s go round. This is the page to keep all my family Friends and family Birthdays in one page. I decided to make a radial design. I divided a circle into 12 pieces and use each piece for a month starting in January.

Bullet-Journal-Yearly-Spread-Ideas-for-2018-by-partymazing LONG

6. Gym Tracker Page for your Bullet Journal

Going to the gym is one of my main goals this year so I create this page to color each day I go. I had an accident in February 1st so I have not been able to go to the gym lately but keeping the page in the journal each month is a good practice because I am planning to get better and to be able to go and exercise soon.

7. Monthly Cover Page:

These are the pages I have so far in my journal, if you want to see more of my bullet journal visit this link. 

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