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Planning a Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

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Printable Candy Corn Halloween Party – Guest post by Crystal from PrintMyPartyStudio

When October rolls around many people pull out their hunted decorations, hang up the cob webs, and dress like zombies. I’ve, personally, never been interested in the “undead” excitement of Halloween, but I certainly love dressing up. I’m sure other people can agree that they would prefer to keep the ghosts and the goblins at bay while trick-or-treating.

Printable Candy Corn Halloween Party

For those who still want to celebrate Halloween, but would like to keep things a bit not-so-scary, I created this Candy Corn Theme Printable Party Bundle. This party bundle contains 18 items to help you decorate the perfect “not-so-scary” Halloween party.

A Halloween Party (or any party) has three essentials: invitation, food, and fun.

Candy Corn Invitation

Invite your guests with this candy corn theme invitation. The invitation is included in the bundle or you can buy it separately. You can edit the invitation using Canva, which is a free online editing program. I created a video to help demonstrate how easy you can customise this Candy

Corn invitation for your party.

Candy Corn Food Labels

I found that popcorn bars are a great party food. Not many people are allergic to popcorn, and you can offer a wide variety of toppings to make everyone happy. To label your popcorn (or other party foods) I have circular and square labels, along with drink labels, and coffee sleeves.

Of course no popcorn bar is complete without popcorn boxes. These are simple to cut and glue together.

Candy Corn Party Favors

Party favors are fun finishing touches. You can stuff goodies inside of these candy corn shaped thank you boxes, tie it with a pom-pom and thank you tag. You can also hand out chocolate bars with candy corn themed wrappers.

Candy Corn Games

I love guessing jars! You can have as many or as few candy corn guessing jars as you would like.

Another game that is included is Roll-A-Frankenstein. This cute green monster face doesn’t exactly match our theme, but you can cut the Frankenstein head out of any color paper you prefer.

Roll-A-Frankenstein Game

You will need:

  • A Printer
  • Scissors
  • A Dice
  • Glue Stick

First, you, or those who are playing, will have to cut out all the pieces of our dear friend, Frankenstein.

Everyone will need a card that describes what the numbers of the dice mean. (Not shown, but included.)

Once everyone has their pieces, each player will take their turn rolling the dice. Whatever number is rolled will decide which piece they can add to their Frankenstein.

The goal is to completely assemble the Frankenstein head.

Candy Corn Theme Halloween Party

Only a few items are sold individually. You can get the invitation, banner, cupcake toppers a la carte, if you prefer.

Happy Party Planning!

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