Printable Easter Party Set & Assembling Process

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Easter is coming! Do not worry! Partymazing have you covered for your next Easter celebration, I created a very cute Easter Bunny and Eggs Easter Party Set, and I want to share the process to set up the party. I love Easter, besides Halloween, Easter is my second favorite during the year. It is cute, it is fun, it is colorful and the weather is great. Spring is coming and it is a great time to celebrate life,

This set includes:

-Printable Flag Banner [Flag 6.5 x 4.5 inches]

-Printable Cupcake Topper or Favor Tags [2.25 square or to use with a 2″ circle craft punch

-Printable Cupcake Wrappers

-Printable Treat Bag Toppers to fit over 4″x6″ ziploc bags.

-Printable Napkin Rings or Bubble Wraps

-Printable 3 piece Centerpiece

-Printable Bottle Wrappers

-Printable Full size Candy Bar Wrappers

– Party Sign

-Blank Tent Cards for place-cards or write-in buffet items

-Printable Cut Outs



  • I started by printing the pages. This printable is a PDF file with 18 pages full of cute Easter Decor.
  • Print the whole pack using white letter size  8.5 by 11.0 inches (215.9 by 279.4 mm) white card-stock in my home inkjet color printer.
  • Make sure to print only 1 page to make sure all it is ok first.
  • Make sure on the printer settings to print the page as is, not scale or adjustment to the page. Check on the settings of the printer DO NOT scale or adjust the design to the page.
  • Always print using Actual size.Make sure you are printing on color and full resolution printing for better results.


  • To cut the pieces use small sharp scissors, you can use any scissors you have on hand but small ones will help for small details.
  • Cut all the pieces and keep them together by group, all the banner pieces together and all the cupcake toppers.


  • Once you cut all the pieces organize the banner in a table or the floor to verify you have all the pieces you will need and in the order you will hung it.
  • Punch a small hole or cut at the top of each piece you will use in the banner.
  • Hung each piece from a cord or ribbon starting left to right so you can read the words you are creating with the banner.
  • You can tie the cord or the ribbon into something so you can hold the other side. I used tape to secure the banner into a wall during the assembling process.
  • Hung the banner in the place or keep it ready if you have to take it to the place later. You can organize the pieces and just have it ready to hung.


The ends of the banner are very versatile pieces you can use them as tags, cupcake toppers or just decor around the party. Just cut them and make wholes to tie them to a bag full of candy or paper bags.


Centerpieces are a very cool decor for your party, you can use it as a CAKE TOPPER, to put them on top of some flowers or just in a bucket in the middle of a table.

Cut the pieces for the centerpiece and glue them to a wooden stick, paper stick or straw and you are ready to go. If the card-stock is too light in weight you can add some cardboard in the back or just print the pieces double to get a thicker look.


Frame it or paste it on top of a card-board or foam-board.

6. Labels

-Printable Napkin Rings or Bubble Wraps : Cut them and wrap them around your napkins and glue both sides.

-Printable Bottle Wrappers : Cut them and wrap them around your bottles and glue both sides.

-Printable Full-size Candy Bar Wrappers: Cut them and wrap them around your chocolate bars and glue both sides.

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  3. Print, Cut and Follow the instructions in this post.


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