Free Printable Valentines Day Coloring Page

Let’s take out the colored pencils or the watercolors and many markers. It’s time to color this beautiful page that I have today. This week I’m preparing everything to make Valentine’s day a super special date, you can print this cute sheet and give it to the children to celebrate this lovely date or you can use it yourself as a gift for someone special. I made two versions of my coloring page, the first using markers and colored pencils; and the second using watercolors.

I am not an expert in watercolors but it is a technique that seems very relaxing and fun. This time I was trying a new Watercolor Brush that hold water inside, I usually use my favorite round watercolor brush because it helps me have more control on the water I am using, but this new Watercolor Brush it is hard to control. I know I have to continue practicing but for now I keep coloring my page. I am planning to give it to my mom with some cookies in Valentine’s day.

I made a mess with the new watercolor brush, it is so hard to control, but I had fun coloring my Free Valentine’s day coloring page. Not everything has to be perfect and I love the idea to be able to share my process even if has flaws, I am trying to learn to flow and enjoy the journey instead of resisting and be hard on me. Life is so short and what matter the most is that I had fun coloring, life is not a contest where we should be perfect, life is a party and parties and people make messes. Go and download your own coloring page and have fun coloring it.

This can be an amazing craft for the weekend and to have some quiet time for the kids. Just print using your home printer and bring some colors and let them have fun coloring the page.

You can download and print this nice page as many times as you need.

Free Printable Valentine’s Day Coloring Page

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