Editable Pink Owl Baby Shower Invitation by Partymazing

It is not just an Invitation for a Baby shower, it is a Editable Pink Owl Baby Shower Invitation. What means that you can order, edit the text at home in your computer and print them yourself. You do not have to wait for personalization or to get the file in your inbox. This is an Editable Pink Owl Baby Shower Invitation, perfect for your baby shower. I have been busy lately creating all sort of Unicorn Party decor and selecting the best unicorn Instagram cake. I do not forget my favorite baby shower theme, owls! These cute creatures are the best theme to celebrate the sweet arrival of a cute girl.

This morning I received an email for one of my clients, she was looking for a cute design for her sisters baby shower and I recommended this design.

How to Edit the Editable Pink Owl Baby Shower Invitation

Editable Pink Owl Baby Shower Invitation by Partymazing

  • You can edit the whole text for this invitation. You even change the party event and use this for a birthday party! Use Adobe Reader to edit the invitation.
  • Download the file in your computer first. Open the file using Adobe Reader. Free here: https://get.adobe.com/reader/ Do not try to edit from the browser. It may not work from a Mobile or Tablet.
  • Replace the sample text. Text will adjust to the space. Don’ use a too long text. Click out of the text to allow the text to adjust.
  • Review the file and don’t forget to save the changes in your file.
  • You can cut the invitations using just scissors or a X-ACTO Knife.
  • Each invitation is 5×7 inches.
  • You can print 2 invitations for piece of cardstock. I recommend white cardstock to print them.

How to edit the file for the Editable Pink Owl Baby Shower Invitation by Partymazing

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