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Unique Bear Family Gift Guide from Independent Artists

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Unique Bear Family Gift Guide from Independent Artists

Time for a Bear Family Gift Guide! We know we are a bear family! We love bear hugs, we love nature and to be in the woods. All the forest animals are our friends and we love the coziness of being outside between trees and falling leaves. We love to gather around the fire, have some storytelling and sometimes papa bear sing some songs for us. We love to eat s’ mores and crackers in front of the fire.
Here some inspiration for your bear family gifts. Some for Mama Bear, some for Papa Bear and some for the entire bear family.

Bear Family Gift Guide

Unique Bear Family Gift Ideas

I had so much fun creating this cute Bear Family gift Idea Guide for you. I included some of my favorite independent artists out there. Like my friend Melissa from MuddyHeart or the amazing wooden figures by WoodenJoyToy5.

Let’s support small business owners instead of big corporations. We work really hard to keep our business open and show the world our creations.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I write everything from my colorful studio or from a coffee shop where I spend most of my blogging time. Sometimes I share content from other blogs or other amazing artists, I do not get candies or anything back from sharing that content, it is just my way to share and value the work of others. I also try to find ideas to complement my printables and give you more ideas.

Let’s be friends, visit my Instagram @partymazing and follow me. Everything I do it for the bottom of my heart. Every piece is hand-drawn and created from scratch. I am not a machine, I am an artist who values the creative process and slowing down to do my best work is my secret.


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    What a nice blog! Thank you for include my bears family in this lovely collection, I’m so pleased!

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