Angela Ramos Cook: Logo & Branding Creation

I know that each brand needs to communicate something different. All are born of a personal effort and a lot of heart. Small entrepreneurs brands go beyond the techniques of global marketing. I feel honored every time someone approaches me to develop a brand image. It was an honor to work in a brand such as Angela Ramos’ , a homemade and honest brand.

1. Client Request

Angela Ramos makes gourmet food with 100% natural ingredients, She doesn’t use processed food. All her products are a true delight, for example, her almond butter. She cooks them in a personal way (she does not delegate it) with her own recipes. She asked me to help her with her brand because she loved my hand-drawn designs. She told me that she wanted: cute – family-oriented – minimalistic brand. She also wanted Vincent, her former cat, to be the protagonist in the design.

2. The Concept

I started working on some hand-drawn designs. I wanted all the elements. I also wanted it to be something simple and easy to communicate. I was looking for an image that could be understood at a single glance.

She told me many things about her products. It was a sunny and warm afternoon and her stories make me feel warm inside like her food. Her food is like the food from “Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel”.

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3. Idea Generation & Hand-drawn Design

I did several drafts until I had a summary idea of ​​the elements I was looking for. Then I started working in a final pencil sketch. Then I used ink.

4. Ink Version

A good logo should work white and black, without shadows, without brightness or gradients, so black markers are my best ally in those cases.

5. Digital Version

After Angela approved the design. I started the digitization work. The final product must be clean and reproducible in many media. I use my hand stroke as much as I can but I like to clean the design to keep it professional with the handmade touch.

I like to use several thecniques to create my designs but I like to be as

6. Brand Elements

It was an enriching process for both of us. I know that her brand will be very successful because she has the heartb and passion for her “honest kitchen”.

I am happy so happy to have worked with her in this project and being part of the story of Angela Ramos’ Cocina Honesta.


If you have a brand or a product and you want to develop an image for it, do not hesitate to contact me. I would love to help you.

Let me help you create your brand. I will create the concept and the logo for you. Your own customized design in my hand-drawn style.

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