Hello, I am MariaPalito

My name is Maria José also known as “MariaPalito” and thank you for visiting my website! I am an introverted and idealistic woman who loves to draw and share ideas & projects. I am also an architect, so one day I decided to build a business and a lifestyle that would allow me to have fun, have more freedom and focus on the things that really bring happiness to my heart. For the last 10 years, I have been focused on building my own creative business.

I started with a store called Mariapalito making handmade products ranging from hand-sewn toys, coloring books, handmade party decor, sewing patterns and more!

My experience with my first shop MariaPalito filled my head with ideas, colors, shapes and above all with the desire to do something that allowed me to travel more and connect through my art with even more people around the world.

I stated Partymazing in 2014 seeking to reach the whole world without the limits imposed by the physical mail.

Today after more than 10100 sales in my Etsy Shop I feel I have built something really awesome. I help parents to achieve easily and on a budget their dream party decor from their home printer.

I Believe everything is possible!

In my business, I get involved in each stage of the process. I work on each project from scratch, from a hand-drawn design to a complete collection for a party.

I am a dreamy, hardworking and cheerful woman. I want to share my talent and creative work with anyone who wants a little bit of pink and magic in the world. I am a dynamic whirlwind! I am always creating, making plans, checklists, taking pictures and who is never completely satisfied with the hairstyle. I have big dreams of making a change in the world, one smile at the time.

10 Things About Me

  1. I have a hard time keeping my socks in pairs.
  2. My favorite book is the neverending story by Michael Ende.
  3. My favorite movie is Alice in Wonderland.
  4. Horror movies are never on my Netflix list.
  5. I [almost always ] fall sleep in the movies or watching Tv.
  6. I have more planners and drawing notebooks than I can use.
  7. I love non-processed food. I stopped eating sugar or any sweetener in 2018 and I have never been happier.
  8. There is never enough Almond butter in my fridge. A good friend of mine makes the best one in the whole world.
  9. I wake up at 5:00 am every day. I love to start my day early. I have too much energy!!
  10. I used to write poetry, and singing is my secret pleasure.