6 Slow down Activities for the Holidays- Free Winter Coloring Page for the Kids

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Slowing down is a gift in a fast-paced life like the one we have right now. Here I have 6 ways to slow down during the holidays. We are always running around to get the best from life and it is usually just backward. We run around to have a moment for us and being able to rest from all the running. I love Christmas. I love that second after we finish assembling the Christmas tree when the smell of cinnamon is in the air. We all romanticize with the perfect family and the perfect life. Here some music to slow down your day.

There is no such thing. We are just perfect the way we are. You don’t need to run so fast to get another life. Let’s just enjoy what we already have. I love to find more ways to slow down during the holidays. In other words, it’s a simple reminder of having a simple but beautiful life altogether.

Christmas is a busy holiday, kids at home and lots of activity. How nice to have an activity for children that brings them close and at the same time entertains them creatively. Slowing down is a great gift for the spirit.

This printable page is a gift for you and the little ones. You just have to download it, print it and let your imagination decorate it creatively.

5 ways to slow down during the Holidays

1. Focus on what makes you happy

Lately, I have been focusing my energy on simple and happy details that make my life better. It doesn’t have to be something expensive or fancy. Sometimes just taking the time to read a good book instead of going to the mall will make the difference.

2. Order your Christmas Gifts on advance or use Online Shopping

Try to avoid crowded shops and last-minute gifting. It is a lot of stress and a lot of over expending. Try ordering all your Christmas gifts in advance and have everything packed before the holiday rush. If you have to go to a specific store, try going early in the morning or late at night when the wave of people has slowed down. It is also important to know what you need so you do not need to go twice to the same shop.

I want to truly enjoy being home with my mother and family and slow down while everybody is running outside. This year I want to enjoy the calmness of a slow-paced life. Coloring is one of my favorite mindfulness activities.

3. Plan as much as possible & Buy food in advance

Avoid the extra stress of being on traffic or in crowded stores. You will get more tired and if the weather is not helping it will be chaotic. Staw warm inside as much as possible and make some planning before going to the store to make sure you get everything on time for the holiday season. Ship the gifts and cards in advance and pack everything beforehand. Buy all the food you will need and stay warm as much as possible.

4. Make some time for yourself

Keep a Bullet Journal to stay on track with your thoughts and routines

After all the holiday planning and shopping make sure to keep some time off for you, to read a good book, watch a positive and funny movie or just to update your bullet journal. Breath, everything will be fine after all your holiday planning.

5. Spend time with the kids – Free Coloring Page

If you have read my content before, you would know I write about mindfulness. Coloring is so therapeutic and a great tool to be mindful. Therefore your mind is focusing on the colors and doing a good job instead of worrying you about other stuff.
Today I bring you a calmed and relaxing activity to do with your kids or with your family. Coloring is a great activity for all ages. Print the page and start coloring with the kids.
Color the free printable page and show them the value of being together.


6. Use easy Christmas Packing

I know you want all your holidays to be over the top but packing should not be a reason for stress. Packing can be an easy task and not a stressful one. You do not need a fancy paper or expensive decor to make your gifts extra special. You just need a cute personalized tag and a cute base paper and you are ready to go. Here you have some packing ideas for your gifts.

Stay warm, happy and relaxed with your beloved ones. They will appreciate more your kindness and love than a stressed mom. Enjoy the holiday season. You are already awesome.

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