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+10 Tips to be more productive in your small business

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Having a small business can be a messy endeavor I know, I have been in business since 2010 and, it has been a long learning curve. I have enjoyed all the way to here but I know it can be a lonely business and a very stressful lifestyle. Organization and productivity are key to success, especially now when we have more and more ways to get distracted every day,

1. Have a to-do list or a Planner

When you have a list of what you have to do, you increase the probability of fulfilling what you have pending, because you really focus on what you have to do instead of trusting your memory. Write everything and start doing it.

2. Prioritize

If you have an infinite list of things to do and the day is too short, you need to work according to your priorities. Find what is most important every day and leave the other things to do after you finish the most important one.

3. Begin for the most difficult Task First – eat the frog first.

Even after prioritizing you must find that thing that is difficult for you. That is the biggest and most important thing to do. If you start the most difficult task you will be able to advance in something that is likely to be procrastinating for the same reasons. Jump and start DOING that thing that you did not want, because the feeling of satisfaction will create energy to continue with the remaining tasks.

4. Batch work and be strategic

Would you go to the supermarket 10 times for only one thing at a time? No, right? When you have tasks or errands to do and need to make a commute, group the activities that you can do together in that place or in an area of ​​your house. Group those tasks that you can perform at the same time as leaving the washing machine running while you wash the dishes. Although some theories claim that multi-tasking does not contribute to productivity, for every rule there is an exception, and the exception is automatic tasks such as putting something to cook or turning on the washing machine.

It would be the same for your business. You can make work in batch like taking pictures or updating products to your online shop.

5. Eliminate or delegate the tasks

When you have a lot of pending to do a good way to solve it is eliminating activities that are not important or relevant or those that you might delegate to someone else. To ask for help is a good thing.

6. Get your space organized:

Messy table, messy mind, messy work. Get your space clean and tidy. This will help you get your mind on the task. Keep a small tiding routine before and after you get into your desk, it will help you a lot. Having a messy table will make you get distracted. Clean it.

7. Turn Off your Phone Notifications

Do not work with your phone near you. Keep it away and keep it in silence. If you have a notification every time your mother send you a cute cat picture, you will bearly get some work done. Your phone can wait for you while you work, it won’t be going anywhere. Get de-attach to your little pocket gadget and get the things done. You can schedule some time for your phone messages or take brakes. Work is your priority.

8. Drink Water

Keep yourself hydrated, it will help you with your to-do list and Improving productivity starts with a glass of water. It will help your brain and help you complete projects faster. Your brain needs sugar and fat to function, that’s your fuel and it comes from the natural foods you consume, but to help it be agile and produce creative and novel ideas, your entire system needs water that allows it to process nutrients. Drink enough water every day and you will see how your whole body aligns with productivity. Having a planner has changed the way I approach to my creative work.

9. Have a Plan & Follow the Plan

The reason people postpone projects or directly procrastinate, it is that they are confused about the path they must follow to achieve the proposed results. To avoid these blockages, develop a plan, this may require you to study and prepare topics that you do not know, it does not matter, that’s part of the plan. Determine what you need to know, do or achieve to achieve your goal. Once you have the developed plan, write it down. Having it written will help you see it clearer and not forget important details. It is normal that in every way unexpected problems appear, it does not matter, stick to the plan, you have only the necessary adjustments to overcome the obstacle and move on.

10. Be kind to yourself

You would never treat a person badly a person you do not know. So, why you would do it with the most important partner of the project? You are the most important person in your life, be kind to yourself, speak well of yourself, give yourself a treat or a small gift from time to time, celebrate your little triumphs, stay encouraged. It is necessary to take care of yourself and motivate your star player of your team…. Nobody can do it better than you because nobody knows you better. If you want to know more about it, check my post : 12 Easy Ways to Be kind & Love Yourself More- Free Printable Sign – Be Kind to Yourself!

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