+10 Amazing Coloring Pages for Adults


For some time I have liked to coloring as a way to keep my creative side active during the days when I have a lot to do on the computer and I do not have time to draw. At night I like to sit down and coloring while I watch some of my favorite Netflix series like Sherlock Holmes … I know they have said that multitasking is not a good idea but there are creative activities that go very well with others and for me it is something totally relaxing that helps me to disconnect from routine work and get my brain relaxed after a day of work.


But I always have the problem of finding coloring pages for adults that I like.  There is a style of coloring pages that has been on trend in the last two years that is the zentangle, I Believe is a good concept but drawings are divided into too many pieces and I do not enjoy that kind of pages. I started looking for adult coloring pages and found some good pages from one of my favorite artists, Jeremiah Ketner. You can find more of his coloring pages in his etsy store.

He is an incredible artist who makes majestic watercolor paintings and beautiful drawings of tender girls, very much in my style. I found some good coloring pages on Pinterest. You can see them here, Coloring Pages for Audults

Here you can see some of the pages and the way I color them.

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